Find the right talent, faster

We enable Employers the ability to create video job posts and distribute them to their favorite social networks. In addition, we provide employers the ability to capture video resumes applications through the platform as well as passive talent with their own private talent community. Hire Shorts enables potential job seekers see their future with you.

Expand your Recruitment Reach

Find new talent by sharing your job posting to  modern social networks.

Eliminate the need for first interviews

Video applications speed things up, allowing the job seeker to meet the Hiring Manager earlier in the interview process.

Gain Valuable Insights

Understand the applicants strengths and skill sets that might have been missed on resume.

Same Time and Money

Our built in scheduling feature allows your to schedule directly within the platform.

How it Works

Someone in your company creates a video job posting about the role they are looking to fill, and job seekers can one-click apply to the position or join your talent community using their video resume. Video job applications give you an impression of the candidate and their experience before you meet with them – often eliminating the need for first interviews.

Step 1.

Create and Post your Video Job Descriptions

The Hiring Manager, Recruiter or other team member describes the role, the skills the job seeker should have and what it’s like to work at your company.

Step 2.

Distribute your Video Job Descriptions to your Social Networks

Using our platform, you can distribute the video job descriptions to your social networks to get a further expand your reach.

Step 3.

See your Applicants and interested Talent 

You and team members can review the video resume applications and talent community members to evaluate their skill sets and cultural fit for your company.

Step 4.

Contact & Schedule

Schedule Interviews within the platform to streamline the interview process.