Engage the next generation of Talent using Video Job Descriptions

Employers use Hire Shorts to build low-lift, high-quality employee-generated video job descriptions that differentiate their brands.

Capture their attention with Video


of Applicant’s don’t read the job description


of Job Seekers user Social Media to research jobs


increase in organic search traffic using video


of a videos message is retained, compared to 10% when reading the text

How it Works

Hire Shorts enables employers, like you, the ability to easily create video job descriptions and distribute them to their favorite social networks. In addition, we provide you the ability to capture applications using our video resumes technology, and passive talent with your own private talent community.

Step 1.

Create and Post your Video Job Descriptions

Recruiters, Hiring Managers, or other team member describes the role, the skills the job seeker should have and what it’s like to work at your company.

Step 2.

Distribute your Video Job Descriptions to your Social Networks

Using our pre-built integrations with LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, you can distribute your video job descriptions to your social networks to further expand your talent outreach.

Step 3.

See and Share your Applicants and interested Talent 

Review the video resume applications and talent community members and share them with your Hiring Managers to expedite the hiring process.

Step 4.

Contact & Schedule

Schedule Interviews within the platform to streamline the interview process.

Expand your Outreach

Engage new talent by sharing your video job descriptions to  modern social networks.

Build your Brand

Using the authentic voice of your own employees describing their job helps to show how great it is to work at your company

Capture more Talent

Our one-click apply and talent community help capture passive talent and our Video Resumes speed up the interview process

Same Time and Money

Our built in scheduling feature allows your to schedule directly within the platform.

Create engaging, authentic candidate experiences with Video Job Description and let job seekers see their future with you