Job Seekers

Let your Personality Shine!

Stand out amongst the hundreds of applicants with a video resume.  We enable Job Seekers, like you, to create your own video resume that can be used to one-click apply to jobs and join talent communities. In addition, we have built in scheduling to help streamline the interview process.
Hire Shorts helps job seekers see their future.

Find your Fit

Don’t wait until the first interview to find out if the company is the right fit. Watch video job descriptions created by the company describing the role and what they are looking for.

Stand out in the Crowd

Video applications show your enthusiasm for a job more than a resume ever can. And companies love them because you are giving them insight into what you're looking for.

Get Hired Faster

It’s time consuming going on lots of first interviews. Hire Shorts speeds up the interview process and has you meeting Hiring Managers at companies, faster.

How it Works

Hire Shorts is a new way to search for jobs and interview with companies. Companies create quick video job descriptions about the roles they are looking to fill, and job seekers can user their video resume to one-click apply or join talent communities you’re interested working for.

Step 1.

Create your Video Resume Profile

The Hiring Manager, Recruiter or other team member describes the role, the skills the job seeker should have and what it’s like to work at your company.

Step 2.

See what’s out there

Find out about a company’s culture and their open roles by watching their video job descriptions. Get a sense of the team and what it’s like to work there before applying for the role.  Use your profile to one-click apply to the role.  If you like a company but there’s no open job, join their talent community to keep up to date of open matching roles.

Step 3.

Schedule your Interviews

Once a company is interested, they will reach out to start the interview process. Hire Shorts helps you schedule your interviews, track your applications, and manage your talent community subscriptions.  Remember, You got this!